Colonial SilverSmith

I am making an ingot with my crafty hands when a man walks in wanting silver spoons and forks. I told him to wait and that i was almost done.Well that’s the life of a silversmith. I am finally done with the ingot. The owner shows up just in time. I need to make the silverware and my tools brake i have to get some more from the shop.Ok i have my tools now i just have to make those spoons and forks. Yay I’m done i finally can go home. But first i have to close shop.

9/11 Reflections

I learned that 9/11 was a horrible event and that after 9/11 people wanted to to join all branches of the military to catch the man who planned 9/11 .I also learned that there were passengers on the  plane that crashed in the field who fought back using  hot  coffe , hot water , and food carts .They may have killed themselves but saved alot more people .Because it could have gone into the White house .There are also hide outs in Louisiana and Nebraska .They took the president to one hide out in Nebraska to keep him safe .


Life in fifthgrade

Fifth grade has been a blast so far no mark’s yet! I like it so far except the test’s .We have had 3 or 4 so far.Besides that it’s great i mean school’s the way it’s always been boring but ok.This year math is fun i didn’t like math at all in 3rd and 4th but Msr.brantley made fun .We play games alot.My three favorite classes are reading,science,and reading.Mr.Mac is cool and i can neck Mrs.owens.